Pymmed examples

Protect Your Mobile!

Here are a few examples of PYM label applications!

What we are thinking on? All types of mobile school accesoiries for your children (calculator, CD, dvd'd..), mobile phones, tablets, phablets, laptops, smartwatches and wearables. All expensive items that need easy protection.


If you want to register more devices or objects, please click "add a device" or "order labels". Please checkout always the latest label design as it might differ from what you see in the examples above. We are bringing in new designs regulary. For those who prefer not to have it visible on the outside, you can always applyit on the inside too (f.e. on its battery) products are not linked in any way nor do we have any connection to any trademark pictured in the above examples. These pictures are solely for the purposes of information. We do not sell any of the items shown except the label itself.

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