Meet PYM!



Hi there !!! My name is PYM. !!


After being robbed and withnessing so manny people being robbed again and again and hearing all the time that costly items are being lost, we decided to do something about that to make this a better place.




I was born on July 8th 2015 with the sole purpose of helping you finding back what you loose, whatever it is, whereever it's lost, by whomever its found. Once registered with a PYM label, people with less honest intentions are also discouraged because the label cannot be removed that easily unless scratching mechanically and damaging the underlying surface.


Once your device is PYMMED, you can rest assured that it will seek its way back to you.


There are several hightech trics out there to "find" a lost item and they are ok too if you are half an IT expert. You can print your own label but this material is not designed to last in all weather conditions. we decided to ask PYM to

Protect Your Mobile during years.

PYM is here to make it simple and easy for everyone. You can protect your items as an individual but also organisations should encourage their people to do the same. We mean schools, companies, universities, youthclubs. You have all kinds of smart devices, mobiles, tablets, phablets,laptops, smartwatches, dashcams, wallets, keys, luggage items and so on and so on.


Once you device or item is PYMMED, you can have a PYMFIE and send it to all your contacts and join the ever bigger PYM Community.


My vision is to have PYM as an international standard for protection against loss and discourage theft of any item. Still additional questions? I invite you to visit my Faq page.




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