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What is PYM?


PYM is the abbreviation of Protect Your Mobile. PYM is the symbol of protection against loss of precious belongings. Opposite to ordinary labelling, where ONLY the owner knows about it, we offer a registry of your device so that there can be no discussion if this device was yours or not.


What can I use PYM for?


You can use the PYM label for every device, items, wearables or valuable objects you want to protect against loss and theft discouragement.


What is a Pymfie?


A Pymfie is a picture of PYM together with you or with the object. It depends which picture you have uploaded when Pymming your device. You can upload any picture you want as this picture is optional at registration.


How do I make a Pymfie?


When you register a device, object or property, PYM provides the possibility to upload a picture of what you are registering. When clicking on "Checkout your Pymfie" and by following the simple steps, your Pymfie will be generated. By editing your details, you can alter or change the picture in such way that you are even more happy with the Pymfie.


What is Pymming?


Pymming is putting a label on your device and registering its number with us. Then you belong to the PYM community if you like. When this is done, we say that your device is 'Pymmed'.


How or where to put the label?


Here are several examples on where to put PYM. You place PYM however and whereever you want and where it suits you best, visible or invisible. We recommend visible off course to discourage theft. We show several examples on this page.


How does the finder fee work?


When registering, you are given the option to indicate a reward amount. When someone finds your

object and has contacted you, it is up to you to live up to your promess. A reward is not mandatory but entirely up to the owner to award or not.


I have lost my device, what do i need to do?


There is in reality not much you can do. This is exactly why you asked PYM for help in the first place. This is why you registered. This is why the label will point the finder to you.


How does my device returns to me? what do i need to do?


The finder will contact you trough the details you provided when Pymming. You will recieve an email or two send by the finder via backtomyowner. This email will contain the finder's details like gsm nr. From this point onwards, you contact the finder and arrange return of your device.


I found an expensive item registered by PYM? How can I return it?


This is the easy part. Click on "Return a found property", follow the easy steps by entering the PYM code and submit. The owner is automatically informed.


Is PYM a protection against loss?


Yes it is. It will not prevent the actual initial loss on itself. (an owner can always forget an item). PYM comes in when someone finds it. Obviously when returned by a finder, it has prevented loss.


Is PYM a protection against theft?


PYM discourages theft. The label is especially designed to not remove unless applying mechanical scratching to the surface. This makes it uninteresting for people with bad intentions. Also knowing that this device is registered also by other details then the PYM code itself, that even when label removed, the IMEI nr (for example) can be found back and it will show that there was a previous rightfull owner.


What does this cost ?


Registering with PYM or Pymming your object costs are displayed on the order page. Registration itself is included in the purchase price. There are NO recurring fees after that.


Can I copy the label?


You cannot register two same 16 digit PYM codes anyway. The designs are registered products.


What about security of my personal data?


Nobody uses your personal data unless you loose something and its returned. Even then the finder does not see to whom it belongs unless the owner replies to the finder. Your personal data are nowhere else used or shared in any way. Your contactdetails are also used by our mail system occasionaly to contact you when needed. Our hosting uses all up to date means of protection and assures data safety.


Do I need to register with my real name?


No, you can use an alias but you might as well enter your real name there, especially if you use the registry listing for police or insurance purposes.



Do insurance companies and police departments use PYM?


We hope they will get to know PYM quickly and we think they will.



What about my privacy?


Nobody uses your personal data unless you loose something and its returned. Even then the finder does not see to whom it belongs unless you, as an owner reply to contact the finder. Your personal data are nowhere else used or shared in any way. Your contactdetails are also used by our mail system to contact you when needed.


Does the finder need to be registered also?


No, the finder does not need to be registered, it can be anybody. PYM is designed such that anyone can enter a "find".



What happens if I loose my device on hollidays in Zakamaka?


The usual problem is that when loosing something, that the owner is no longer in the location or doesnt remember the location even where it happened. In the Zakamaka case, all needed to initiate the return is an internet connection.


Does PYM returns any item?


PYM does not organize the return itself. This is to be done by the owner together with the finder.


My label got destroyed, how can i get a new one?


In the unlikely event that a label should wear out before 2 years are over, a new label need to be acquired and then registered. Our labels are designed in such a way that they normally do not wear out in normal conditions. If your item is in such a mechanically rubbing or hostile circumstances, it is considered as abnormal use. We recommend strongly to consider carefully where you apply the label physically on your device. You can re-register a new label in the upgrade section.


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