Who are we?

We register your mobile against loss!

Welcome @ BackToMyOwner!

Recognize this feeling?

... of grabbing your wallet or mobile and realizing that its no longer there?



Remember these thoughts ??


... going trough your mind when you realised

that you just lost it?







...and again the desperate emotion on how to get it back? Are you worried about the drama and hassle which take weeks before everything is back like it was?


You want to make your property find its way back to you and uninteresting for theft when lost ?




Did you knew that about 55.000 smart devices get lost every year?




@ BackToMyOwner, we decided to help you out and give you a maximum peace of mind. How??


by PYM-ming your mobile property.

Want to know who PYM is? MEET PYM!


We are convinced that PYM will help you in a case of emergency when loosing or forgetting your precious belongings. Did you left something behind? We want to help you retrieve it.











If you dont have a label and would like to have some send to you, you can order them here.

If you landed on this page, then you have recieved a label to protect your mobile.

It only takes seconds to register your mobile device with its UID number for years. This registration will make sure that anyone who finds your item labelled, is in the instant possibility to inform you so you can make contact with each other.


NO recurring fee to be payed, not now and not later. Registration @ BackToMyOwner is included.

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